The Hello

The problem with hello.
You walk past someone you know, say "hey", they say "hey,
how are you," you say "good, you" and if there aren't too
far away from you know they hit ya back with fine or good.
Though neither of you probably feel that way.
Hello almost ='s "I"m good"
means nothing, is just an automated greeting response
I could be fuming mad, but still gonna answer, I'm fine,
It's pretty retarted.
Try this for fun, change your half, and watch them continue
with thers
"What's green"
I'm fine, you"
and then the seem a little disoriented, but they will
always still answer with their standard. Everyone's
standard is just a little different, but pretty similar,
and they will always respond with it in a walk by hi.
Try it some time
"Good, how about you?"


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