Behold my Super Powers

hey there all you people crazy enough...weird enough to read this,so i was just wondering what possess people to be crazy. I mean why are girls crazy...can't all be hormones. In other words what the fuck?

so I have completely given up on women. On trying to understand them, communicate with them, listen to them, them. I just don't get it.

i could wallow in self pity and let you all share the misery but its much more fun to say FUCK IT. I guess i am just gonna go about my daily business and not flirt...ok not flirt well. Alright, I will not flirt as much on a regular basis unless she's cute. so yeah not going ot flirt. it doesn't get anyone anywhere. Its not like there is love to fall into or even the perfect person for anyone...stupid hollywood lies.

in other news i would like to say that I am the greatestI AM SO AWESOME..it happens when you are as attractive as me. we can't all be this cute...it wouldn't be fair. We need ugly people to work at McDonald's, wash our cars, and well make me look so much better.

In conclusion, i hate everyone equally...not racism or sexism. Jennifer Lopez sucks. Porta Ricans are trouble but cute. I am awesome. Lastly, i might ramble on here about something or the other, another time.

-B (The Awesomest Ever!)

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