Girls are like a bad movie. You sit down to watch
it,knowing it's a bad movie, but you get hooked, and just
can't change the channel. And if you pay for
it..err...lets say..go to the movies...how bad does it
actually get before you'll walk out. How many movies have
you actually walked out of because it was so bad.

I really don't get the ladies.
They really are crazy, and ya, guys are stupid, and kinda
crazy, but they got nothing on girls.

Love em and hate them.
They are such an addiction.
Nothing beats curning up to a good movie with them, or
dinner and dancing...but then they talk...er..then they go

Even the best girls I know turn out to be crazy. Some of
the girls that you go, wow, this girl is really
awesome..but then you realize she's as crazy as the
rest...but she's still awesome.
It's very discouraging, that even the best are so crazy.
Cause we'll all find one one day, but they will still be
crazy, and we will still be stupid.

Well, I suppose without all the trouble, you'd never get
to "make up" ;-)
But sigh, they are wonderful.


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