The Structures Series I

This is the first in a series of things I wrote last
semester in a class that bored me. This first entry
spawned many many more, and now...I transpher them to the
computer. For the record, I love the teacher of this
class, the class just calls for this.
PS EE is the teacher

The Structures Paper:

Okay, so I'm in this class for 3h15m's on tuesday. Since
the 2 hour lab has only 5 minutes of content, it's the
perfect oppertunity to create a BJ entry.

Todays Random Subject
5 minutes of content in 2 hours....wait, n/m, Laura just
had the great idea of comparing the teacher of this class
to an I-beam (or technically...a wide flange beam(tylers
mom has a wide flange.))

-Full of Steel
-Full of crap in class (niceness outside)

-Looks good exposed

I-Beam and EE
0Prevents thrusting in verticle members

I-Beam and EE
-Don't want either to fall on you

-Great to see under your ceiling
-That mirror on the ceiling was not put in for her

I-beam and EE
-In 2 hours, doesn't really do anything

I-beam and EE
-The Dean goes crazy for both of them

Temporary break for input from Laura

EE and I-Beam
-Flat on all sides

EE and I-Beam
-Can be very redundent in structures

-Generally aren't Flaky
-Always 15 minutes late to class

I-Beam and EE
-Sometimes you just wanna wack em with a sledge hammer
to hear what it sounds like.

The End
...hmmm...that one was okay...future ones get better.
Look forward to them. We'll see what I feel like posting
right now.


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