The Chase

When we were first driving, I was pretty sure we weren't
being followed. Everyone was acting pretty nervous though,
I was pretty sure we were going to be caught. Luckly, we
were able to find our woman, and get her out. That was
only the beggining of it though.
We had to reach our destination, and pick up what we all
wanted in the first place. Everyone wanted it. It was one
of the largest archeological finds of our time. We were
able to find it easily, seeing as we knew how to look.
It was the getaway where things got really ruff.
The three beautiful women weren't able to trust me, and I
didn't have time to earn it, it was unfortunate that force
was the only way to keep them safe. It only made them hate
me more. If only they knew how much I loved them all, and
how I just wanted to protect them. There was just no time
to explain.
I was able to catch up with them as they got in the car. A
achine worthy of a good getaway, the kind they would use in
a Bond movie, and that's exactly what we needed.
Before I knew it, we were driving along, my gun to her
head, telling the others to drive. They were all so
beautiful, so innocent, so valient. It felt like a crime,
but I had to do it.
Unfortunatly I underestamated them. They weren't
cooperating, the stuborn bastards, if only they knew.
Soon, the car was whipped off the side of the road, and we
were fighting, they just didn't understand. Suddenly, I
had a gun at my own head, I couldn't hear over the screams
Those eyes tearing into my soul, the gun at my head, my
hands, one wrapped around the neck in front of me, the
other with a gun to her head. I only hope I can be
forgivin for these sins, but if not, if only I could save
them. And my love, my love beside me. She must have been
the most confused. It's hard to believe, that only 6
months ago, on the beach where we meet, we were imracing
each other on the sand, and now...it had all gone to hell.
Back then they trusted me, if only they could now. But how
could they, after what happened. Their 4 turned to 3, how
could they trust anyone.
At that moment though, they didn't need to trust me. They
found us, they were on us. Those eyes of passion, starting
at me from behind the barrel of that gun suddenly changed,
and showed a sort of realization. Not an understanding,
but a realization that if she didn't drive, we'd all be
dead. So we drove, she went where I told her. I must
admit, I was a little frightened. She knew how to use that
wild beast she was driving, soon only dust was behind us.
That car is alot like her. I loved that car, it was our
salvation. I'm sure they knew that I was grateful for it,
if only they knew how much I loved them.
The spot I secured was there, we just had to walk a few
feet now, and we'd be safe. I held onto an arm, and we
walked like lovers, just as some coming back from dinner
might walk, or so it might seem to anyone looking. Most
eyes wouldn't see the gun though. I knew they still
wouldn't trust me.
Once again, I underestimated them. Before I knew it, I was
looking at the floor, and they were 50 feet gone. They
split up, and ran some to the elevator, some to the
stairs. I guess they hoped at least one would get away.
They underestimated me. Within a moment, I had the stair
runner in my arms. I picked her up and flew down that
stair well. In time enough to cut off the others. When
the elevator doors were opened, I was there. I think at
this point, they realized there was no way out. They had
to come.
soon it wouldn't matter though. Soon we were safe, or at
least in a safe place. We had all made it. Even the box
in my hand, which held the contents of our misfortune had
made it.
It was all over. I had to leave them there. Where they
are now, I don't know. If I'll ever see them again, I
don't know. Whether they will ever trust me again, I don't
think so. I lost it all for them. They didn't know it
though. But they didn't have to. They were safe.
I'll dream about them tonight. Just like I do every
night. Out on the beach, sitting in the sand. The moon
reflecting off the water.
I pray one day, I'll hold her there again.


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