I think our little page here has been forgotten.
By us, so probably by our fan club. We have a huge one,
cause we are so derned awesome and funny and such.
I'll punch you if you think differently. Hey, it's a free
country, you can think whatever you want, but then I have
the right to punch you. That's what freedoms all about.
It's your choice.
That may be what your choice gets you.
Some times we make bad choices.
Like women who have said no to going out with me. Very bad
choice on their parts. WHAMO!!!

I just watched logan's Run last night. The most boobies
I've ever seen in a PG movie
Oh why don't I have boobies in my bed right now!!!!
They are soooo awesome
I love them
Yes, I realize they are just big ol fat bags
But hey, so is Popeyes chicken
But we love it any ways.
Maybe my next entry will be dedicated solely to boobs, I
can't do them justice in this little piece
I wanna piece
Take that
I"m out


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