funny people

people entertian me. like this girl she keeps talking about how HOT Logan is...well we know he is. no need to rub it in our face but then she'sa b-school student who has nothign better to do.

i am constatly amused at the lengths people will go through for anything. as if cutting in line is going to make yo ua better person. really does that make it go faster. i am not going to use name calling like PETA...they are nuts its okay we understand. animal sex does that to a person.

but then so does heavy drugs. why aren't there any new and improved heavy drugs. the 70s had coke that then became Crack..like we needed it any worse. not only get high but die too...sounds like fun

see what we need is more coffee drinkers and meat eater and less vegans. vegans serve no purpose. really think about it...they eat what farm animals do...even farm animals won't eat tofu...that's just gross. also who came up wit hthe tofu idea really...who thoguht it woudl be good to create a mystery substance like that.

also kool aid is crack for children. really sugar water..so good.

anyways we have access to a video camera now just wait and learn what happens next.

oh yeah random though of the moment:
why do all sorority girls always put their phones on vibrate permentantly? it doesn 't seem like a good idea to do it because it feels good but then put it in your purse!


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Jeff said...

Fuck PETA, join with me to start PET-P! People for the
ethical treatment of people. or pickle, when she doesn't
shit in your car's driver seat.