HallMark Day

Did you know that Hallmark acutally created Valentines
day? I'm pretty sure it was them, might have been another
company, or DeBeer's Diamonds, but I"m pretty sure it was
Regardless, it was a completly commercialized holiday
created to sell more christmas cards, chocolates and rings.
If you really do love someone, I find it rather sad that
you would celebrate Valentines day. It simply means that
you don't truely show your love that you do love and
appreciate them on a normal basis, so you have to have a
day in which you are allowed to do that.
It's just like those once a year churchers and Christmas.
First of all Christmas should not be a celebratoin of
Christs birth! You people who claim to be faithful should
be celebrating that even every day of your lives, and be
thankful for it. Celebrating christmas at mass once a year
does not give you a get out of hell free card, not even
when combined with being "a good person" Takes more than
that, sorry.
Another annoying one is Debeer's and the diamond engagement
ring. They actually invented that because "Diamonds are
forever." So people never had to buy them, they simply got
passed down through the family forever. They came up
with the Diamond engagement ring so that people would have
to buy new ones whenever they wanted to get married. Heck,
they probably helped make divorce so easy, so that they
could get lots of repeat customers.
Ok, enough ranting for now


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