Super Date

So a very odd thing happened, that is worth writing down
somewhere, so I'll go ahead and write it here, because I
So I went on a date last night. Not that out of the
ordinary in most places, but not real common in New
Orleans. It's usually, let's get drunk and hook up. In
this case we only meet at a drunken vollyball party.
Super hot girl, meet her in the sand. Lots of hitting on
and number exchanging.
Then she actually calls me and asks me out. Rock on, a
girl who goes for what she wants, and rock on, she wants
me ;-)
So, we go on said date.
We talk, laugh, have fun, eat.
Get along well, no forced conversation. She asks all about
me and is atually interested, which isn't too rare, but is
On of the rare things. She actually compliments me on a
somewhat regular basis in one form or another. Notes how
she's impressed, and the things she likes about me. I like
Is also taken back by my attempts to be a good gentleman
(as all men should be) She gets cutely flattered when I
compliment her. A little bit of nervousness about her,
lets me know she's having fun and is hopeful.
Hang out for a few more, wanted to grab desert with her,
but she was pressed for time. That's okay, quitting while
Do the walk to the door and nice little kiss goodnight.
Practically a picture perfect date and the picture perfect
Fun, beautiful, relaxed, republican, a little sassy, a
little crazy. A deffinate winner.
And the best part is it's not a secret! No boyfriend, not
my TA. No scandel whatsoever. And she's not even
graduating this year, or moving away. She's actually going
to be here during the summer.
Now the combination of all these are very rare.

I look forward to seeing where this goes, is some
potential. Just have to wait and see. Perhaps I'll even
keep ya'll informed.

So, props to the absolutely gorgeous and awesome girl, who
knows how to do things right.


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