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Here are comments from the old BJ Happy Hour. ENJOY!

From: LilPimcpess27@aol.com

Timestamp: 2002-12-27 21:55:39 GMT
In reply to:
Oooh...you lie. Cuz I am the shiznat, therefore, I'm the
coolest. LOL

From: snookers@yourmom.com

Timestamp: 2003-02-13 07:38:52 GMT
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I think it can work. I asked your mom. Then again she says
yes to everyone... no wait, thats tylers mom. Nevermind.
-Mystery Man
(hint: begins with A and is jewish :-D)

From: lilbabygee@wideopenwest.com

Timestamp: 2003-01-04 19:08:14 GMT
In reply to:
ummmm cool cool "perdy" ?? are you like one of those
people from texas that speak with that accent? lol nmb

From: ghgh@elvis.com

Timestamp: 2003-01-20 08:47:02 GMT
In reply to:
bjorn thinks you're nothing but a sex object

From: aberger1@tulane.edu

Timestamp: 2002-10-12 14:47:23 GMT
In reply to:
Bjorn- you are fucking -CRAZY- were you on something when
you wrote this cause it is so funny (and so true) Though i
don't think Connecticut is a shitty state cause i live
there, but there are states that are better.- Ali

From: TEMShotttie@wtf.com

Timestamp: 2002-10-05 07:44:11 GMT
In reply to:
Hey! I'm from Texas!BUT ALABAMA RULES & i'm drunkg

From: likeiwilltellyou@myass.com

Timestamp: 2002-10-18 07:22:20 GMT
In reply to:
women aren't that bad, i bring logan beers all the time,
let him have the remote & want to get it on 24/7 (it helps
when you have a SUPERHOT boyfriend from bama) besides,
isn't it good that women suck? ;-)
ps. yeah, speaking from 18 years of living there, texas
pps. i programed a master budget into my calc for
accounting, but why did i name it "masterbate"?

From: supercapitalist@hotmail.com

Timestamp: 2002-11-03 21:02:12 GMT
In reply to:
if you ever want to see ROA (Rules of Attraction, not
return on assets, damn finance majors & their screwy wys of
thinking)again, gimme a HOLLA!!!
patrick bateman & his brother are hot as hell
but not hotter than logan and his sexy southern alabama

From: tchuynh@utmb.edu

Timestamp: 2002-10-21 06:03:20 GMT
In reply to:
You guys, y'all are the weirdest kids I know but I love ya
for it.
The Pot

From: themarketleader@yahoo.com

Timestamp: 2002-11-03 21:17:25 GMT
In reply to:
you know what's really cool? driving around in a chevy
blazer blasting Mahler and Beethoven. Everytime Logan does
that it completely turns me on. cuz we call know piansts
like Logan are incredibly hot.
~TEMS ho

From: skrutz@mn.rr.com

Timestamp: 2002-11-07 00:04:54 GMT
In reply to:
you guys are crazy!!!

From: bjornisanasshole@aol.com

Timestamp: 2002-11-22 06:49:22 GMT
In reply to:
Fuck PETA, join with me to start PET-P! People for the
ethical treatment of people. or pickle, when she doesn't
shit in your car's driver seat.

From: p@peaches.com

Timestamp: 2002-11-22 06:52:10 GMT
In reply to:
"its like driving around in a honda with a sound
system blaring country...who the fuck does that"
hey. fuck you.

From: ghgh@elvis.com

Timestamp: 2003-01-20 08:50:09 GMT
In reply to:
I love you for who you are
I want you so bad I scream when I think of you
Please for the love of all things holy take me out of my
misery and fuck me like there is no tomorrow

From: sclark4@tulane.edu

Timestamp: 2003-02-09 07:52:00 GMT
In reply to:
Women are selfish evil bitches. It's that simple. Women
hate other women. Therefore, we use men as pawns to get
back at each other. We try to find more men, hotter men,
richer men than what our friends have. Men are like cars
to women. Men drive fast cars to prove their manliness;
women drive hot men to prove their female power. The key
is to find a woman that has already won the game and has
nothing left to prove, or to find a girl that has hardly
any female friends (hence no need to compete).
~The losingest Female Combatant this side of Taiwan

From: sharpobjectsfly@yourmom.com

Timestamp: 2003-01-19 15:50:33 GMT
In reply to:
teach me how to molest inanimate objects
~TEMS ho

From: rsymoti@tulane.edu

Timestamp: 2003-02-14 02:55:47 GMT
In reply to:
Re: Valentine's Pole
I think it's great to ask a chick out on a first date on
Valentine's Day. Especially when they're hot and

From: rsymoti@tulane.edu

Timestamp: 2003-02-14 08:43:02 GMT
In reply to:
Word to your mother. Do I have to bring friends too?

From: thenextpicasso01@hotmail.com

Timestamp: 2003-02-09 22:53:15 GMT
In reply to:
never stop looking--she's out there. Just like there is
the right guy out there for me--just takes patience and
time (yeeep sucks ass but...gotta wait)

From: shawn@rules.you.all

Timestamp: 2003-02-23 18:26:31 GMT
In reply to:
animaniacs kicks ass.
I've memorized an awful lot of their songs.

From: me@me.com

Timestamp: 2003-04-27 00:49:43 GMT
In reply to:
Hey I took that test too I'm high Histrionic, and low
everything else. YEAH I'm conceited & I go to Tulane
AND Logan is hot... but he's acting weird. GO ME

From: kdsavnas@adfkj.com

Timestamp: 2003-03-17 05:22:39 GMT
In reply to:
i haven't done this lately, so here's your coke fix:
oh wait, tha't s my coke fix. i'm screwed on this PSOM
test tomorrow.
and jeff's girl is hot too.

From: kdshfudsh@gaweh.com

Timestamp: 2003-03-25 07:02:21 GMT
In reply to:
Sorry to break it to ya Jeff, but I already did all that
stuff. Sex on the beach? Check. Whipped cream,
absolutely. And especially astroglide. It's like being in
some sort of sexual slip n slide theme park... You name the
place, we've done it.... everywhere. WHich leads me to
this final thought: OH LOGAN YOU ARE SO MUCH MAN
grossed out yet? ;-)

From: lifegaurd3@aol.com

Timestamp: 2003-03-25 22:55:44 GMT
In reply to:
Logan speaks....
I am hot, yes, i am definitely hot. but there just
ain't enough of this southern ass to go around so right
now, ann gets it all even though chocolate does sound good.

From: mbertra@tulane.edu

Timestamp: 2003-04-15 05:27:16 GMT
In reply to:
thanks, bjorn, for mentioning me in your entry from
friday. i always appreciate a nice, thoughful
compliment...you know why i did it...

From: jbraaten@tulane.edu

Timestamp: 2003-04-28 20:26:02 GMT
In reply to:
which one of you is that?

From: prettypolly123456@hotmail.com

Timestamp: 2004-02-14 13:24:20 GMT
In reply to:
just to let you know that not ALL womrn are crazy
wierdos!!!! i for one know many, including myself that are
pretty damn normal and nice!

From: mbertra@yahoo.com

Timestamp: 2003-11-13 05:17:17 GMT
In reply to:
love the structures series...

From: mbertrand01@hotmail.com

Timestamp: 2003-09-12 04:23:04 GMT
In reply to:
Who wrote today's entry? (9/12/03) What the hell? What
are you on and where's mine... Hope all is going well at

From: youngOSUguy@yahoo.com

Timestamp: 2003-12-03 16:26:51 GMT
In reply to:
You are completely correct on what you say in this
passage. I know I am guilty of doing this with people at
work. I don't really care anything about them, it is just
the polite thing to do. I ask how they are, they ask how I
am, we both say some generic response (not know what the
answer is) we just keep going on our mary ways. I am going
to have to try your theory of just randomly asking words in
the same manner as a "hello, how are you" statement and see
the kind of responses I get.
And Yes people do read this.

From: bessbonney@netscape.net

Timestamp: 2003-12-29 19:14:32 GMT
In reply to:
Of course I read your online thing silly guys! Another
annoying IM thing: away messages that say "back at 3" or
whatever (discussed in Jeff's message...hmm maybe I should
actually reply to that posting instead of this one). In
any case...There's different time zones!! By saying "back
at 3" do you mean Central time, EST, PST....annoying! You
expect me to figure out what time zone you're in, then
add/subtract hours...forget it. If I want to talk to you
that badly, I'll call. You're either away or not, and
that's it. And that's my say :)
Kim :)

From: sexyanntoy@aol.com

Timestamp: 2003-12-11 18:19:32 GMT
In reply to:
Dude, I HATE it when you're talking on IM to someone
intimately & they've been responding quite quickly the
whole time, when all of a sudden they don't answer for 15
min, then come back to say, "sorry, i was watching tv..."

From: supercapitalist@hotmail.com

Timestamp: 2004-03-14 18:21:36 GMT
In reply to:
Valentine's Day is a metaphorical baseball bat that smacks
guys in the head every year. As if to say "Look dumbass, 3
of us have rolled by, it's time to shit or get off the
pot." Without Valentine's day, guys would just date you
for years & years without noticing, until one day they bang
this hot young nurse in triage, then come home to their
faithful girlfriend of 4 years & say "Look honey, it's only
cheating if we're married." I don't know why men don't
want to get married, there's so many tax benefits!
Wow, i actually used my real address this time

From: supercapitalist@youknowwhat.com

Timestamp: 2004-03-14 18:04:00 GMT
In reply to:
You forgot Wallstreet... the classic of classics. They
should make a sequel with Martha Stewart in it. Honestly,
her show is really helpful for women who don't know how to
be good women to their men... taught me alot.

From: user@aol.com

Timestamp: 2004-03-14 18:11:15 GMT
In reply to:
I don't care who invented the diamond engagement ring, I
just want one!!! Cmon, I've been waiting 1.5 years for
Logan to propose--i buy him things, cook for him, fold his
laundry & sex him up all the time--one of those Debeers
rings would make me feel a little better... oo & a beer...
they should sell beer to loosen up the men so they buy more
rings & aren't so commitment phobic.

From: nhall1@tulane.edu

Timestamp: 2005-05-04 05:23:19 GMT
In reply to: Aron 140
I read your posting about Aron 140. I was not expecting to
see our apartment number right there on your
list...wild....i think.
I don't know who receives these emails.
But i'll just say that i was here. and that i'm
representing Aron 140.
so thank you. and something else but i don't know
what...can't use words very well right now.

From: nhall1@tulane.edu

Timestamp: 2005-05-04 05:36:49 GMT
In reply to: Gone
holy god.
holy god.

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