Been awhile

ok so here's the deal. Assemble yourself furniture is good. Really it is. Except for one thing.

Those freaking holes are never exactly right nor do they actually fit the screws HALF the time they are supposed to. No i am not putting it together wrong. Still its annoying that you have to hurt your hand assembling it because if you use a drill, it fucks it up. WTF?? Why can't things be easy and work the way the say to. In the last freakin few months i have assembled a bit of furniture. Some easy (some like the Ikea bed was bitch), but still why do all things have to have a bit of racking in them. How good are they if they lean a little bit no matter how tight i make them. Damn it. I NEED CROSSBRACING.

see i learned something from structures. fuck. i can't believe i did.

and just for Jim

Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck shit cunt goddman stupid piece of shit cell phone.

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