Loud Concerts

So nearby where i now live in Dallas is the Smirnoff Ampitheater. IT FUCKING LOUD TONIGHT. so some poser shitty bands and The Deftones are there. While I have long since passed on KORN. guess who is blarring so loud being only about 8 blocks away that I can almost hear it clearly? WHY THE HELL DO THEY HAVE TO SUCK SO LOUDLY?

So I don't mind concerts but seroiusly...last night it was Tom Petty and it wasn't too bad loud but more or less a mumble. Tonight its as if we are sitting outside and at it? FUCK KORN. This family values nonsense that was old news when they started the tour in 1999 is worse now. The Deftones are the only band worth seeing but sitting through this bullshit is nuts.

I am 8 blocks away at the front of Fair Park and its over on the OTHER FUCKING SIDE!!! I can hear as if its next door through the wall.

KORN who I assume is playing right now SUCKS MAJOR FUCKING ASS. I have to thank god for John Mayer and other adult friendly contemporary bullshit because at least they don't drive me nuts and are just noise.

I used to listen to this? Oh yeah hot second for about a year or so.
Jeebus work your majick and make is stop!

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