3 thoughts

I have 3 short thoughts

1. I need a card reader so i can get my phone camera photos off more often and maybe post some online.

2. I am looking into redesigning this, any thoughts?

3. I am going through the old BJ Happy Hour Posts on the old blog and making sure they are on here and attributed to the correct poster. I created the J to stand in for Jeff before he got married and fell into that marriage hole. Congrats and best of luck. Jeff if you ever want to write again please contact me. The BJ Happy Hour focus is going to change a bit as I begin to figure out what to do with it. Hopefully I can convince a few people to write and post on it.

Any thoughts or comments please leave them. I like all even the good and bad.

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Nessa said...

Boo to the marriage hole! That's no excuse for not posting! So congrats Jeff, whoever you may be.

You should make this whatever you like it to be. I know that doesn't help much, but if it isn't what you want, you may give up on it. Does that make sense?