Stolen from the Walt:

Google your name and the word "needs" in quotes ("Walt needs") and see what you get.

List the first 7 entries.

1. Bjorn needs to accept the fact that he will not be and is not the best Air Guitarist in the world.

2. Bjorn needs a job.

3. Bjorn needs top-five finish at Loch Lomond to win Open spot...

4. Bjorn needs longer weekends

5. Björn needs you : join the Swedish Army!

6. Bjorn needs a costume idea, something simple but devastatingly effective.

7. Bjorn needs his three wood just to keep up with a club that Woods


Walt said...

Your list turned out way more interesting than mine.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

I think your list definitely wins. And I can say that now that I've stolen from you…