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Just some random thoughts mostly about music.

1. This (-15) challenge has been interesting. I have discovered music in my collection that I didn’t know much about or hadn’t listened to for years. Bands from the 90’s like Candlebox, Alice In Chains, etc. It was nice reliving the good parts of high school, the music.

2. I am loving the new Neko Case album, “Middle Cyclone” because the music is amazing. The songs are beautiful and emotional. Her voice draws me in through its power. She has a such a powerful voice but she can control so much better than many other artists.

3. I don’t go to concerts anymore. It is kind of sad but going to a pop/rock concert is just not something that will happen. For lack of money (and trying to be cheaper person) and also that my tastes don’t translate into something most people want to hear. I can go to classical and some big names acts if I wanted to but I am just trying to lay low.

4. I miss skiing. I used to go in Minnesota on the hills once in awhile but I loved the few times I went to larger runs. I went to Montana for one 3 day weekend through church. I wish I could go to the mountains at least twice a year (if not live near some). I would go once at least to ski/snowboard. I would enjoy another weekend hiking another time. I love going there and enjoy hiking and being out in nature. Unfortunately Dallas does not give me an opportunity for much outside enjoyment. I need to find a way to get out more.

In other news I wish I could take a vacation but…

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(F)redddy said...

I STILL go to concerts, even if I AM the oldest person there. I just enjoy them. I also miss snow (and skiing). While I hate living in the snow and cold, I DO enjoy traveling to it and spending a day or three in it. And then I want to be back in my warm weather of Central Texas.