So i have not written in almost forever. I think Duke Nuk'em took less time between games, wait no not true. Here is a semi-rough rundown of the last few weeks.

* I spent most of April and beginning of May studying for my LEED exam. I passed the exam on the 8th and I am now a LEED A.P. Now Time to get on my ARE (architecture registration exams) so I can be a proper "Architect" instead of the computer draftsman project coordinator etc.

* After my exam on the 8th I went to RENT with friends. The cast had the orginial Mark and Roger (Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal) and it was amazing. It might have been on the best shows I have ever seen. Totally worth the money. In July I am going to go see a former high school classmate and friend from church chior, Becky Gulsvig, in the national tour of Legally Blonde. She is Elle Woods, please see her if the show comes your way.

* On the 10th of may I had one of the busiest cultural days ever. I went over to Fort Worth and saw the best opera I have ever seen. I don't like most operas but can enjoy them. I saw Dead Man Walking and it just killed me. I was a total emotional mess over it and I really feel it might be the best English language opera if at least it is the best American Opera. This show is great for people who know nothing about opera and could be the type of show to get more people my age group into the theater. The music and cast were magnificent.

* That night I went and saw a friend's chamber chior performance. They were amazing except for a track by andrew lloyd webber. ALW sucks for the most part. The performance was good and I enjoyed it but I was dead tired and emotionally bare.

the rest of the week was work and keeping busy. The season finally of LOST was what i expected from them. Very good but very confusing.

That leaves this weekend
Friday -
I went to work then we got lunch. I ran into the record store and bought St. Vincent's album. I strongly suggest it. I mean it is incredible. Just incredible album. Yes I bought a CD. People still do that. I picked upon amazon.com the Heartless Bastards album "The Mountian" and if you like blues rock get it (hint Herbe). Then we went to the 9.15 showing of Star Trek.

Star Trek was good. I think it was a good attempt to reboot the series and hopefully it works. I think the acting was good and the characters were good. No rants here . If you take this that seriously you need mental help. there i said it.

Sat - was a whole lot of nothing. Thank god. lots of rain here and so it was catching up on the DVR and just relaxing.

Today -
I am doing this for the first time in forever. I am also going to see the musical "Lost In The Stars" and I am excited for it. First I am getting lunch at Dream Cafe with friends. Brinner!

That is all.

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Walt said...

You know, Bjorn, I've barely been around lately, but I wanted to wish you a heartfelt congrats on passing the test! I would have done it on Twitter, but we keep missing each other.