this is going to be more or less a rambling thought. I have decided that i want to write more fiction/memoir/reflection or poetry writing. I am not sure about what but will try.

here are some random thoughts
1. Reno 911 is great. I love this show. Just the funniest thing on tv right now. I find the improv mixed with story to be great. The Larry David show is the same way. True comedic ability and skill allows the actors to be the characters to be so hilarious. Terry is the best character. "White people are so weird."

2. The State on DVD in July. I can't wait. I am pre-ordering. This show was my favorite for the short while it was on. It was back when MTV still had shows and music videos.

3. I am hoping to be able to photograph more an share the good ones. If there are any good ones. I wish i was a better photographer. I need to figure out how to shoot more and find topics. I am trying to figure out how to turn my ideas into visual images.

4. New Wilco album tomorrow. I am so excited. This band just connects with my brain and soul in a strange way. More and more the music seems to be something I connect with.

Now i need to get on with the night. someday i will write something interesting.

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