Lowside of the Road: A Life of Tom Waits

I find giving good reviews or even appropriate reviews to books difficult. I often like to get lost in them and enjoy their worlds. This is easier though because it is a biography (however unauthorized) and i can base it on what I learned through it.

I have grown to enjoy Tom Waits' music but at times found it difficult to enjoy. This book helped place the albums and songs in context and gave me valuable information about how Tom Waits became Tom Waits. I do wish there was more information available to the researcher because at times it feels a bit disjointed. The British anachronisms through out throw me a bit but I found I could move past them.

I enjoyed the book. The reading was not difficult or thick but presented by someone who obviously enjoys Waits and his music. I wanted more information on the collaboration of Waits and theater director Robert Wilson. Mr. Hoskyns uses mostly interviews and magazine for the information but considering how closely Waits keeps his privacy and true self guarded it makes sense.

I would give it 3.5 stars if I could because I got a better feeling of the music Waits created through it. The music says more than any book probably could but I am so grateful for the ability to get into the more difficult and experimental music that Waits created that it payed off to read.

I hope anyone who embarks on reading this also takes time like I did to listen to the music. It helps so much hearing what Mr. Hoskyns is writing about in the songs and albums.

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