long time coming

i have had the most stressful last two weeks. the imac hard drive crashed and so it is at the crapple store till later today. ugh. so i haven't written much or done much except what i can on my droid (which is about everything). been kind of lazy because of it so anyways.

with the computer down i haven't been able to update my ipod or keep up with most podcasts (sorry rick and big fatty). i have stayed on top of my cnet shows (buzz out loud, real deal, the 404, and a few others) but not many other ones. i didn't listen to anything between dec 24 and jan 4th to begin with and then the computer went down so major backup. i did realize which shows i find most important and which i can wait on though.

during this time i had to find ways of getting more music in my day. since my ipod has some but i started seriously using lala.com and I LOVE IT. i love that i can stream an album for free to get a feel for it and whether i want to buy it. then i have two options, one buy the ablum for in mp3 format (drm free plays anywhere at 256k i think) or buy an unlimited streaming option for 10 cents. that means through the website or their iphone app you can just stream the tracks and later if you want the mp3, it is 10 cents less.

i am loving it. I am using lala.com to stream as many of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums as I can. If i can't stream it and i have to buy it i'll look into it later in the year. let me know if you want an email to join lala and i will send it. I discovered that i actually like The Cure's "Disintegration" and can't wait to get the album. I buy most of my music through amazon.com, lala.com, and then iTunes (in that order).

that's me shamelessly plugging things

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