last May I started doing this with last.fm and it worked out nicely. I take my top 15 artists played on my profile (excluding classical) and I deselect them for my iPod. That way I only am listening to artists that are new or just not heard in a long. I do this to stop having a habit of listening and overlistening to the same music over and over again.

here are the 15 artists I am not going to listen to for the next month (July 2 to August 1)




Sonic Youth



Nine Inch Nails

Tom Waits


Modest Mouse

The Decemberists

Neko Case

Led Zeppelin


The Twilight Singers

This way I can see some of my older albums and other music get listened to for awhile.

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Walt said...

I've been listening to only things that have a play count of 1 in my iTunes since the beginning of the year. I've got just under 14,000 songs to go.