P-1002 Robot Aliens

It is quite possible that there are other forms of life out there in the universe. There is the "it's a whole lotta space just for us" theory. and there's also the "God coulda made it all just to prove a point" theory, along with many other equally scientificish theories.

However, for the purposes of this entry..it's somewhat relevant (it being the idea that aliens might exist.)

But let us say they do. It is not likely at all that they are running around in hovering spaceships anal probing hicks and cows. We must think of it like we are aliens. We are aliens to other aliens or creatures from lets say...Melmac. If we were to ever find them, we would probably not be in anal probing hover crafts. It would most like be a probe...but one like the ones we sent to Mars. If they do come to earth, most likely first contact will be in the from of some sort of alien robot that is randomly scouting the universe, just as if one of our probes makes contact out there on Mars. After that...they probably aren't going to take the time to come all the way out here to take the view of most outhouse holes.

But let us take this a step farther. We try to make our robots more and more animal and bug like, because they are better explorers. Try to give them as much intelligence as possible so that they can find there way around and explore on their own without falling down or running in circles. Some most likely they will not have little hovercrafts, but some animal or insect like robot that comes to earth.

And one more step further. Perhaps WE are alien robots!! Aliens sent out "people probes" years ago to study different planets. We are all naturally curious and explorers, and really have a drive to replicate ourselves, and take on the actions that produce replication. I know I could go for some late night replicating action at the moment! Our blood is our oil, our bones our substructure. We compare ourselves to extremely sophisticated computers all the time. And heck, we're even so advanced that we've expanded to other planets in our solar system. Reaching further, and exploring more for out "alien masters." The human mind even gives off tiny electrical signals at all given times. Perhaps we are sending signals back out to our "alien masters." Or perhaps the "anal probes" do happen, and they are done by "probe bots" (seeing as I still stand by the fact that they won't be coming out themselves) And these "probe bots" come to all the human robot inhabited planets, download info from the "port hole" then take it back to Melmac.

I'm thinking this is a pretty good theory. Now to test it with my computer, a usb cable, and some KY. I'll let you know how it goes.

Until then...ponder it....You are just an alien robot.


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