A Zoo Adventure

We looked good in our suits. I sported the pinstrips while Jason and Tyler sported the more traditional jet black.
No one else knew how good we looked though. But then, it was hard for anyone to see us when hiding in an empty feild, looking for trees close enough to the fence that we might be able to clear the razor wire.I found a good spot. The tree was just close enough to the fence to get over, and there was enough leafs to hide us from the onlookers. I signaled Jason and Tyler over.
A car came around the corner, it's lights shined straight into the field. We dove behind trees. We weren't so worried about the car seeing us, we were more worried about the shadows we might cast on the other side of the fence. We didn't need security onto us.
We stayed low, next to the fence, trying to determine what was actually on the other side. The tiger pit was around somewhere, as well as the giraffes. We weren't sure which this one was. We could see the band in the distance. Sounds like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. There backs were too us. If we went to high, the crowd would see us over their shoulders. To the left there were a few teens hanging out, trying to get away from the parents.
This looked like a good place to get in. But then again, we don't want any razor wire tearing our suits. Getting in was the easy part, it was mantaining the illusion that would be difficult.
We decided on another approach, the tried and true.
We walked back to the road in the dark, then around the complex. We came to the main entrace. We walked around once, checking security, learning, finding the right one...and then, there it was. The perfect spot.
Tyler and I went first. As we approached the gaurd, Tyler pulled out his phone, called Jason. Tyler gave the report, disguised as an investment banker. We walked right past the guard, we were too important for them to bother.
"We're in," says Tyler over the phone. Jason, Dan and Kim follow. And I must say, it's always nice to have him around for a military escort, just in case things get hairy.
There were hundreds of guests. We were the only ones who didn't fork out several hundred bucks to be there. We walked along the tables, the booths. Tyler took his usual martini, I stuck to the vodka. Well, unless you count the rasberry rum slurpee. Nothing like a bartender in a low top dress serving you exactly what you want.
The elephant had already gone in.
Most people here were animal lovers, or at least pretended to be. We did stand out a little when we ate at the booth serving veal over cheese grits. But that's a meal you can't pass up in the south.
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy left the stage. Bag of Doughnuts replaced them. They were good, in their skirts, helmets and Kiss outfits.
We perused the crowd, looking for what we needed. Later, we stood towards the back, looking. Glancing to the right, I see curves. Hair falling over the shoulders, bulding outward at the chest, tucking nicely back in, then smoothing turning back out. A body that was just a little too pefect. I look over, she bites her lips, I catch the eyes move up and down. A smile and a wink to me and Tyler both. I smile and look away, and feel her still anxiously starting. No time for her now. But she'll find us later, just to say goodnight.
As the band finishes, they find us. A tall women with a flower in her hair walks over.
"You know, it's a crime for you men to still be single here." When a women thinks your that rich, you can't take her back to your place.
The short blonde walks up. The one who put it all together.
"Thakns for the party" I say. Then, we walk off. But not without grabbing a bottle of 2001 Camelot for the road.

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