so yeah i disappeared and for that..not really sorry but hey no one is perfect.

anyways i was watching tv and realized i should share with out 3.41 readers that NEW ORLEANS IS FUCKING STUPID.

besides the school board the city hall and everyone else, now the catholic church here is showing their stupidity.

The Facts:
-Archbishop Hughes worked with/for Boston Archdiocese and Cardinal Law during the major thrust of the sex abuse scanadal.
-Hughes gets promotedto Archbishop of New Orleans and Cardnal Law becoems protector/reverend at one of the biggest most important churches in Catholism.

so logic says that Hughes knew what was happening (he worked closely with priest palcement) in boston. So why isn't his action invesitgated?

Because here Catholics and Baptists get a free pass on their behavior.

This town is fucking stupid.


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