Ok, where does one go to hear new music? If they expect you to buy it then they want you to hear it right? I don't listen to the radio for very obvious reasons. Most of the music sucks. I can look up stuff on spin.com or CMJ but i can't hear stuff. ocassionally the artist has tunes up on MySpace but its such a hassle to find it. Who thinks this stuff up? Why can't someone hear three or four tunes from an album somewhere. Weirdly aol music has a new music listening spot but its only new albums from that week. i just started hearing some Interpol what if i want to hear more? where does one do that?

these fuckers who thought this up need to find a way to get music to the public to hear more than 30 seconds on amazon. jerks


adrianne said...

surely you have music stores that have listening stations? The really cool ones will let you listen to just about any cd... or at least rotate what cd's they have in the listening stations. makes you wish that things now, for cd's / digital music, were like the 30's with listening booths for records.

Leeenseee said...

Just a comment on your comment on my blog: I'm going to the Bon Jovi concert tonight, hence the Bon Jovi song.