Time 2?

More apropriately when is it okay t ogive up on everyone?
is it realy okay to just disappear and start anew? How
does one really do that?

I feel we should be allowed that right with out people
having to understand but unfortunately that's not possible
cause ppl bitch and complain. then again is it ever ok to
just give up?

so J what do you mean give up on someone?

Well on this track i think ppl are giving up on me. so
hey who cares right. just cause you don't give a shit
doesn't mean i do too. i often wondered what it would be
like if i jsut started my life over soemwhere else. out
of contact with everyone. Just go missing.

why do i have to keep sitting here at work when no one
comes to print anything i mena really...Geez this sucks

Jeebus, where are you?
Jesus, give me the crowbar and the hubcap now!

- b

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