Checks and Groceries

First if yo uare going to write a check DON'T. They make check cards for a reason and its is a pain in the ass when you are in line and have to wait for it to verify for 20 minutes. For the love of Dog please get a fucking check card.

I was inline to pay for my gallon of milk, orange juice, wheat english muffins and and fruit and the lady in front of me starts writing a check. 20 fucking minutes later her check goes through. So the fat ass lady stands there and just waits for everything to work while i let my millk go warm. fucking shit cunt bitch!!!

Checks have been outdated. They are great for paying bills and mailing them. great for rent. but in public settings now they SLOW up the porocess of purchasing goods and services. I have the right to be able to not have to wait in line for no fucking reason behind you and your freaking checkbook. Best part is when the idiot in front of you doesn't start writing out the check till the items are totaled up. What part of you have time to kill while she scans your fucking fatty sugary shit to write the check out don't you get?

so DO NOT WRITE CHECKS OUT IN LINE. Get a freakin debit card!!

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