Coldplay and radio

Coldplay is a perfect example of what is wrong with current music. All the raves poured on them saying how freakin wonderful they are. But to see that lets look at the albums

Parachutes - ok this was a solid pop album. Yellow is overplayed but not bad just got annoying whiney. Whiney can be a real problem. Whiney pop, new U2 album minus Vertigo, becomes what people expect. the asshole who put it out deserves ridicule. Now it is their first album so I give them a break.

Rush of Blood to the Head - alright clever title. Many of the songs here should promise, not as much as say radiohead's The Bends or Pablo Honey but then only one band can be that cool at a time. So Coldplay blows up with many simplistic and well written pop songs. Radio comes along and overplayed them like crazy. Radio stations have the ability to take anything remotely good and destroy it like Hiroshima. So overplaying and M-sucks-my fucking-ass-TV comes along and further fucks it up. So for two years all we here is how awesome and incredible and earth changing and music altering Coldplay is. Except they are not anymore earth shattering than Barenaked Ladies...Who are way more fun and more material to show for it. Coldplay is as earthshattering as changing a channel. They aren't but the media fuckheads come along and tell us they are. I listen to them and figure some good stuff some bad but benefit of the doubt since a few songs are really good. Stupid me

X&Y - alright this is a whole album of the same song, same key, different lyrics and its the worst of Coldplay's albums. The 14 whiney and terrible songs meander and are as interesting as diarrhea. Truly fucking awful.

The big problem comes around that the first half talented band to come along gets jerked around and ends up being radio's slave. Not that being played on the radio is bad its just radio sucks. Franz Ferdinad, leaps and bounds more talented than Coldplay, also suffers this fate.

What we has smart music lovers should do is stop listening to radio. You ask "how do I learn about new bands?" first try www.pitchforkmedia.com while not everyband there is wonderful its a good way to start. Second check out other music sites and I suggest two magazines, Spin because they cover more than the top few acts and College Music Journal again good artists are there.

so while I am pissed off at the radio follow this command: COLDPLAY SUCKS AND DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM ANYMORE!!!

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