Intelligent Design??

first, WTF?

I thought the Scopes-Moneky trial and ALL scientific evidence denounced this nonsense? Seriously, if you take one part of the bible literally then you have to take it all. Even all those laws in Leviticus about kicking your wife out of the house on here period. Sonteing and all that stuff. See the bibles contains parables to explain ideas and beliefs. The book of Daniel is on big parable about belief. The story of Job is too (though way more historically accurate than Daniel). So as Kansas does the stupidist shit in the world its time ot move backward. Look out women you rights will soon be gone as they take the Bible all to literally. What's wrong with looking at the Bible a guide for life? How to treat other people (treat others as you would want to be treated)? How about the book of genisis is parable to explain the beginning of time. According to it we ate from the tree of knolwedge and from that we get the ability to understand the world through science. Instead of through how naked teenagers see things.

So to prevent my self from duplicating someone who has done it better here is a link to a great entry about this whole NON_ARGUEMENT about Intelligent Design. To be an arguement both sides have to have facts and evidence...Evolution has its evidence...


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