So i see a ton of movies. Truly it averages about 2 or 3 a week...used to average. I am trying to bring it down to 1. Going to the theater has become such a pain. The advertisements (problem number one is that these commericals exist before film) are very very fereakin load. Problem tow is that i never will i ever WANTA FANTA. Had it once before it got annoying and it tastes like feet. Or as i think feet should taste. The other problem with going to films is as much as i love sitting in front of the huge screen the films lately have sucked worse than i could imagine and the audience has grown ever more rude and stupid.

the problem comes up is what should i do? Do i save money and try and buy a flat screen tv and a sound system? Or do i suck it up and igve up film all together? do i drink more? less? make my own films? suffer through AMC's craparific commericals and blow money seeing halfassed attempts at films?

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Adri said...

I will never WANTA FANTA either.