Movie Theaters

Ok I love going to the movies. I enjoy seeing films on the bigt screen. Film is meant to be seen that way. As nice as DVD is, the art of cinema comes in at the film-spectator relationship that happens in a theater. I am not going to discuss that but i am going to rant about movie theaters.

I see a ton of films and always treated like shit. I am a customer. What part of customer service don't they understand? Why are all my fellow movie goers rude and stupid? If I wanted to hear you Mystery Science commentary i would ask for it. Just becuase the guy on the screen is attractive that is no reason for you to yell it when he comes on screen. Also how hard is it to turn off a cell phone? If it is that important don't answer it in there and don't be there. Just leave it in the car if you can't be away from the phone don't be there. I want to throw ice at these people. Just because they sell all that food doesn't me you have to sit in your freakin cart with fat rolls hanging off the edge. There is a reason why you are a fat ass. Also those large cokes are ridiculous. Its sickening how big they are and how expensive considering they cost the theaters about $0.20.

man it sucks going to the theaters. distracted so more to come later.

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