Scientology and Intel Design response

As for the scientology post....good stuff, that thing is a crazy freakin post...

As far as intelligent design. One of the most obvious things in the world. As for the bible as literal vs parable and stories....well...the parts that say "and he spoke a parable saying" or "in a dream he saw..." obvouisly strories. Most can be taken more litteral though. Such as....don't worship false gods....or don't murder....or go to chruch, be baptized. And things like kicking your wife out of the house during her period....that was old jewish law, leviticus is the OLD testiment, Christ is the NEW testiment. Meaning we follow the NEW law not the OLD law. Those old laws were actually followed back in the day. And most of the new testiment is written in the form of letters and historical documents, not really a debate about it's litteralness...."and paul wrote them saying it is bad to take youre brothers wife, you should seperate yourself from her..." ummm....not much room for interpritation with that type of thing. Yes, Jesus came, and died, and was reborn in 3 days...literal. As for the world being created in 6 days...well...if you believe in an all powerful God able to see, know and do all...that's pretty easy to believe, but honestly, that part doesn't matter that much. There is plenty of scientific evidence to support the rest of the bible and the 6000 year old earth, and it's stories and such. But ne how. That's enough of the basics. You either want to believe in God or not....start there.
Once you get that basic, then we can move onto greater subjects like Christ, the Bible, and higher planes of existance.


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