4 things for saturday

1. I love that I have 7 people following this right now. For some reason it helps me think that people like to read what I write. I do censor myself here as the chance my family might find it, so if you want uncensored me check my livejournal.

2. Best of 2008 list is done and the top 25 albums will be on the right hand side under 2008 albums. making mix cds and digital mix cds tomorrow. I will let you know when its ready but you can go to my last.fm and here the playlist of the top 20/21 tracks.

3. Frost/Nixon was great. So the top films of the year for me so far (until i see something else) are: 1) Frost/Nixon, 2) Milk, 3) The Dark Knight, 4) Slumdog Millionaire, and 5) Doubt

4. I just made meatloaf (my fav) for the 4th time ever. I didn't have egg this time, oops. Hopefully this isn't a dinner fail. I feel like a huge failure everytime something doesn't come out perfectly, which is why I am afraid to cook. If the meal isn't good I feel like I shouldn't bother trying.


(F)redddy said...

My "poppa bear" (you'll have to search through my past postings to get that reference!) made me a meatloaf once that changed my life. It was the absolute best meatloaf ever. He called it a bacon cheese burger meat loaf. I've tried to replicate it on my own, but it hasn't ever turned out as fabulous as the original.

As I recall, the meatloaf had crispy bacon mixed in with the beef, and then it was topped with cream of mushroom soup and a block of velvetta 'cheese' product. It was DELICIOUS, and is probably what started me down my path of weight issues!

Bjorn said...

Let's not call them weight issues but that you come with easy grip handles.