4 things I am thinking

1. Anyone else sick of hearing the Goldman and Brown families? I know their loved ones were murdered 13 years ago but stop profiting off of it. Stop saying how this new OJ trial is vindication for the last trail .Guess what> he was found innocent of the criminal charges. I hate OJ but shut up and go away.


2. When did my favorite things become a Christmas song? Can we please stop it because it is not a great Christmas song at all.  Also Canon in D by Pachabel is not a Christmas song either. Thank you. Now Stop.


3. I love the Ren & Stimpy's Christmas album. It was one of my favorite shows growing up and I still find the humor ridonkulously funny. Yak Shaving day is a great song and I wish everyone a Merry Chest Wig!


4. I am almost finished with the Best of 2008 list. There are 20 artists and probably 15 or so will make the mix tape. Later in the week I'll put up my honorable mentions, probably 5 of them. I am debating giving reasons for the albums chosen or at least the top tracks that make the mix list. The mix will be on last.fm and hopefully I can share it with a few people.


Also:    I have also figured out Josh Groban's secret.  Take any song start silently with solo voice and build to loud volume midway through. Add excessive instrumentation and children's choir where applicable. Then finish the last few phrases on your own again. I swear everyone song falls into this arrangement.


Later peeps!

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(F)redddy said...

Somebody wearing their poopy britches this morning?
First off, I’m not trying to start a fight. But regarding #1, as a person who has been affected by someone who was murdered, I totally understand the tenacity of the Brown/Goldman families. Even having “won” in the judicial system, having someone behind bars for the crime doesn’t bring back the loss of a child you’ve had in your life for 18 years, or more. If you think about it, the Goldman’s haven’t NOT had their son for nearly as long as they had him in their lives. I’m not saying they should be dwelling on it, but particularly if you (they) felt that OJ was GUILTY for his crime, he was never sufficiently sentenced. And so now that they finally have him where they want him (AFTER 13 YEARS), they can come back out into the limelight. Maybe this is the catalyst the families NEED for “closure” (WHICH, trust me, doesn’t feel like it will ever happen).
So I ain’t hatin’. Just representing the perspective of someone who has had someone close to them murdered. You’re still the bomb.