4 things

1. I saw Slumdog Millionaire yesterday. I think it was a very good
movie. It brought up a discussion we had after it though. What makes a
film contrived? Isn't the nature of the film contrived because you are
forcing a situation to create a story? Aren't novels and short stories
inheirently contrived? Anyone got any clues to this (Melanie)?

2. Making a short list of the albums of 2008 this week. I might even
make a poll on a few to get an opinion from the readers. I don't think
Tracy Chapman or k.d. lang will make the list even though their albums
are good. They are just a bit laid back and relaxed for me.

3. I am working on doing more artisitc photography. I have uploaded
some work to my flickr. If you know me there please comment on the
work if you can. I will try and put more up especially some of my
black and white imagry and the Holga photos.

4. The holidays stress me out. I have a short list of people to shop
for this season and that helps. I have decided not to send cards out
because I don't have any money, sorry podcasters who might have gotten
one. I will send a special email/image card I will make myself though.
Watch for the email with the attachment.

Anyways off I go to listen to the QCast!

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