4 Things

Note: I wrote this a week ago and accidently sent it to my email and not to the blog.  back post form Nov. 21

1. Audi Drivers. Do they get a manual on driving like an asshole? They
are by far the worst drivers and often are the ones cutting me off. I
have yet to be proven wrong on the Audi drivers=asshole theorem.

2. Super Smash Bros. I got this game with a gift card and am not
really enjoying it. I played it for 15 to 30 minutes total. Ugh now
what do I do with it?

3. Magritte was the Google theme today. This makes me happy as I like his work.

4. Henry Waxman takes the cake as the ugliest member of congress. He
is the ugliest man i have ever seen.

Bonus: getting my hair cut today. hopefully it will fix my fugly face

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