25 things I am thankful for

stolen from (p)hreddy and walt

"Grab a piece of paper quickly. Oh, and a pen or pencil too. Don't think about it. Go on. Now, without even looking at your watch or being distracted by anything else that might be going on in your world at this very moment, write down 25 things you are thankful for. Go on. Start writing. 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. Don't stop. All the way to 25! Here I go:"

1. My family - even though I don't see them more than once a year I enjoy talking when i can.

2. GW - you always make things interesting.

3. Never break 300lbs. I stopped gaining at 275 and am glad I have lost as much as I have.

4. Jello sugarfree pudding - really it is good

5. having a career at these times

6. Barack Obama - sometimes inspiration leads us in the right direction

7. my friends in dallas, only 4 of you but always keep my life interesting.

8. mcdonald's french fries - i don't eat them often but they taste good

9. Well written scripted comedies and dramas on tv, thank you for entertaining me.

10. Beer - premade in a bottle delicousness

11. Vodka - makes all the good drinks

12. comedians - men and women who make me laugh

13. Radiohead, the decemberists and the other bands i love because I love listening to it.

14. Bill Maher

15. John Stewart and Stephen Colbert

16. Good Eats behind my condo...yum

17. m&m's - becuase when you want them they are there and the always taste great

18. not living in New Orleans anymore. I am glad I have a better career here and the future is better.

19. Dallas - it is not as bad as you think and the DFW area is so fun.

20. Spending one summer living in Helsinki and traveling with one of my best friends, Kristin. Could not have asked for a better way to see Europe than that.

21. Cheese cause everything is better with it and life with out it would be bad

22. Internet friends because it is better than having no personal friends at all.

23. Dark chocolate

24. Stacy, Jason, Kim, Jenn, Meghan, and Ricky.

25. Digital camera becuase it allows me to try and be a photographer with out being able to buy a DSLR. I can capture my world and I should post some art to flickr that i have made.

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(F)redddy said...

One thing I'm not thankful for. I could still slap Hoover for taking the Good Eats concept (started here locally) and franchising it nationally. The month after he franchised, he went bankrupt and closed the 3 original Good Eats locations here in Austin and we have been left behind to suffer. I guess our loss is your weight gain!

Great list, happy holigays.