4 Things For A Sunday

So I am thinkign this morning and these four things are the thought process

1. Rob and Sarah at Howmuchdowelove.com are so right on soft pants. Mine are the most comfortable thing on the face of the earth right now. They are a blue with silver and black lines in a plaid pattern complete with T-wolve logo. They are very warm (sometimes too warm).

2. I wish i owned mario kart.

3. I wish i had more people on skype to chat with or even aim/yahoo.

4. The highway system in DFW looks like a penis. The tip just west of Fort Worth and the balls around Dallas. Look on a map.

Bonus: twilight looks dumb. Teenage girls enjoy but the book so is boring byt the 10 pages I read in Borders. Now time to readin' the Watchmen some more.


Fairy Princess Holly said...

I got the book Twilight for my birthday from a friend. I don't really want to read it, but somehow feel obligated. She keeps asking me if I've started yet....ugh. (and don't feel bad that I don't follow your blog...I don't do the follow thing. I do read it)

(F)redddy said...

I've already discussed my issues with Twilight with you, so...

I've never heard "How Much Do We Love"...I have too much on my plate to add another, but that may be changing soon.