more thoughts

* I want to start writing poetry again. I used to do it often and have tons of it written.  It varies from songs, to song cycles, stream of consciousness, and even a few haikus. i was never sure about form or even method to it. I just wrote. I want to start again. I might do it as a blog that I can updated and fix and track changes instead of just notes to myself. I am not too good at keeping blogs with content though.

* I am totally digging the Okkervil River album "The Stand Ins" I didn't listen to last year's album because I heard something older and it didn't catch me but I may have to go back again.

* Check out pitchfork.tv it has cool videos and online movies. Worth watching totally.

* I can't believe this blog (in its three forms) has been around 6 Years. I guess i should write a brief history of it but then maybe not. I think I want coffee.


Nessa said...

good for you about wanting to write again :)

(F)redddy said...

Good on you for writing.

Okkervil River was one of my not so favorites at ACL this year, but glad you liked.