4 things about nothing

1. Buying a condo might have been the worst idea ever. I don't see
how the value works or how spending money on something that is not a
sure bet works. I understand gambling/stock market and would do that
and the likely hood of a 30 investment would pay off. With my condo I
am not sure 30 years from now, then again I don't feel any house I
don't design myself would be worth my effort for putting 30 years
into. What is the real incentive to owning property? Couldn't you save
tons by renting your whole life?

2. The new Lenny Kravitz is not that great but I still wonder what
happened to him. I used to love him but as time has gone on it seems
not so much anymore. I wonder where things went wrong between his
music and me.

3. I wish I owned the new Monty Python box set. I adore that show
and it would awesome to sit and watch the whole thing. My dad got me
to start watching it when I was 8. I think this is the reason my
fragile little wrapped mind is what it is. Right Ricky? Still nothing
is funnier to me than that show, except The Simpsons.

4. I let some podcasts back up for weeks before listening to them.
The reason often stems from if it is too much personal chatting about
everyday things. I prefer to listen to the ones about music (Sound
Opinions, All Songs Considered, Music Heads) and comedy craziness
(Foul Monkeys, PNSexplosion, DQYDJ Podcast, etc) over some other ones.
I am not sure why that it is.

That is my ideas for now.

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