4 Things...

4 Short things i think I think.

1. If the auto companies have private jets then don't they have
assests to sell? If they can make more fuel efficient cars for Europe,
China, and Japan why can't they make them here? just saying they way
they do business is the problem.

2. the following bands will not make the year end list as I don't
think they are very good/I can't get into them: Bloc Party, The
Evangelicals, and The Streets.

3. The following 5 bands will make the best of the year (so will
unload them from the ipod to focus on new artists): Blitzen Trapper,
Fleet Foxes, Santogold, Okkervil River, and Jenny Lewis. Consider this
a preview.

4. I really dig the Girl Talk album but not sure how to use it or
whether is qualifies since it is a remix-ish album. I do recommend you
check it out as you can get it for free online and not illegally but
legal download. I will post a link later in the comments for ya'll if
you want it.

last not a thing but it is finally getting cool here. It makes me happy.

Hello to Nessa, Walt, and Melanie.


(F)redddy said...

Jed loves Bloc Party.

I don't care much about the auto industry. I think there's PLENTY of cars already out there that can be used by people instead of pumping out new disposable cars that ultimately just fill up our land fills.

Bjorn said...

bloc party i am indifferent too

Nessa said...


Jenny Lewis is my secret girlfriend! I love my Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins album!

Melanie said...

Hello, pumpkin! And I agree completely on the auto industries.