I thought I would write a short note about podcasts I listen to.
I am starting with the non-NPR/radioshow ones.

Here are my first 5 (that are still broadcasting, the little fatty cast stopped):

The first podcast I ever listened to was The Daily Purge. I find amazing listening to two people who remind me of home are one of the most interesting shows on the web. Part of listening to is it makes me feel at home. With people I know, weird, but still.

I then went on Rob's suggestion of his other show How Much Do We Love... I love this podcast because they honestly talk about good things or interesting things (cauliflower is not cool BTW). The relationship between the two friends is very apparent and I like that.

I listed to the Little Fatty Cast a few times and heard about the Foul Monkeys but warning this show is not for the faint of heart. Ricky and friends will talk about ANYTHING. It can be very disturbing but always funny. I have become friends with Ricky since following this show and I will unabashedly admit that I am jealous of this show because it is almost like I created it, sometimes the humor is too close to mine to be just a coincidence.

At the same time (the last two and this one were all subscribed to the same day) I started listening to quite possibly be the funniest podcast on earth, PNSexplosion. I have trouble making through an episode without laughing in some silly ricockulous way at work. The rules for Foul Monkeys and PNS are the same, you may embarrass yourself laughing out loud at them if listened to in public.

Lastly something sort of serious, not. Buzz Out Loud . Tom, Molly and Jason put together the funniest tech news podcast. CNet has put together lots of great resources but their podcasts are golden. If you like tech, comedy, sarcasm, and intelligence this is the podcast for you.

Those are the podcast I first started listening to. From them i have discovered all the others except bTalk which I found by searching.

Enjoy and let me know what your first podcasts were, that you listened to. Not your own.

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(F)redddy said...

The only one we have in common is Foul Monkeys. Boo.