4 Things I like

1. I love when you get a great Christmas song in between the terrible ones. So much of the christmas music is done horribly that when the good ones come on it gets exciting.

2. Popcorn tin - 3 flavors but never enough cheddar. Can i get a whole tin of cheddar and caramel? I love it either way.

3. NyQuil dreams...the best kind because they don't make any sense and leave you confused beyond all belief.

4. Rascals. Especially with huge fat people on them. Really. Funniest moment is fighting with a woman on one who tries to cut in line because she's "disabled." She is not, just fat. My best argument ever and I won. I am going to hell but I love every moment of it.

PS. How much do you love the QCast video this year? Queen Bee has the best cameo ever.

1 comment:

Walt said...

Couldn't agree more about the cheddar. The caramel corn tastes amazing when you eat it in the same mouthful as the cheddar corn. Something about the two flavors together.... Yum.