4 things maybe ok sure

1. I had a disturbing dream last night. I don’t remember much but I do remember the noise; the awful, painful, and scary noise. It was screams, dog parks, growls, other noises, and crying all in one. I remember in it running downstairs and hearing my sister scream. I ran out a door into the noise and was woken up by being knocked down in it. I know a dog was there and protecting my sister but I am not sure what was going on. I woke up and felt disturbed at 4am. Does anyone else often have dreams where the noise is what you remember? This is what I remember often is noise or music but not the visuals.

2. Twenty-Aught-Niner begins soon and I am not sure what to do about music in the New Year. It is expensive habit and even buying the mp3s make it still spendy. I need to figure out more about how to preview and stream more the new bands (too bad myspace takes FOREVER to load and never loads right anyways). Ugh I hate myspace I think. Any tips?

3. I am really curious about how people felt about the mix-tape. Leave a comment on the song list posted a few days ago with your reactions please.

4. I am afraid to go on a cruise ship. I am afraid I’ll get thrown over, kidnapped by pirates, or food poisoning. Really I am very afraid to go on one. Weird I know? I spent one night on a ship from Helsinki to Stockholm and nothing happened. Still…

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