4 things that are probably offensive

1. Rick Warren, really? One of the most homophobic, misogynistic people in the country and you select him for the ‘prayer’ at inauguration, Obama. First, there should be no prayer at your swearing in. Second, there should be no swearing on the bible ever! I will never swear on the bible, even in court. I promise to never swear on the bible or any holy book. I would use the constitution though. Third, religion is fucking stupid. It should never have anything to do with government directly. “In Dog We Trust” was added in the 1950’s to ‘fight’ communism, it has nothing to do with our founding. The ENLIGHTENMENT has to do with our founding and enlightened, intelligent people at the time did not believe in Dog. They believed in science. Lastly, Obama probably won’t help any GLBT people at all. I guarantee that he will maintain the status quo. I think the GLBT movement is about as far along as it will be without a Malcolm X, violent protests, or even armed conflict to solve it.

2. Hey fat ass in the rascal, GET THE FUCK UP AN WALK! You lazy shit fuck cunt assholes are taking away rascals from people who need them, like disabled soldiers, elderly, and those who have lost limbs, etc. You don’t need lap-band. You need to walk to fat fucking waste of life. Also stop wearing stretch pants fat people. STOP!!!

3. How does one keep up with email at home? I have over 100 emails still to read at home and no idea when I will have time to read them. Any suggestions? Should I even care?

4. Ok sorry-ish for the rants but I had to get that out there. Check out this great comic; http://ping.fm/QwXtT

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